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Original Publication Date: 1983-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An electrophotographic printing machine employs a belt 10 having a photo-conductive surface 12 deposited on a conductive substrate. A conductive strip along one side of belt 10 engages an electrical ground brush, indicated generally by the reference numeral 18. Belt 10 has a selenium alloy 12 deposited across the entire surface of aluminum alloy 14 with the exception of a strip along one marginal portion thereof. In this way, grounding brush 18 rides in contact with the exposed conductive strip of belt 10. Brush 18 includes a plurality of metal bristles 20 secured in a non-conductive block 22. Bristles 20 are connected to electrical wire 24 interiorly of block 22. Wire 24, in turn, is electrically connected to a ground. Thus, brush 18 electrically grounds the conductive strip on belt 10. The side lateral portion of the metal bristles 20 engage the exposed conductive strip 78 of conductive substrate 14. Metal bristles 20 are resiliently urged into contact with conductive strip 78. In operation, the illuminated portions of the charged photoconductive surface 12 dissipate charge through conductive substrate 14. These electrical charges are then conducted to ground by bristles 20 in continuous sliding engagement with conductive strip 78 of belt 10. To prevent contamination, excessive wear and injuries, the lateral side of bristles 20 engage strip 78 rather than the free end portion 76 thereof. The free end portion 76 of bristles 20 are secured together in cap 26. In this way, the life of both belt 10 and brush 18 is extended.