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Original Publication Date: 1983-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


As shown in the drawing, the toner dispensing apparatus discharges toner particles into the chamber of a developer housing. In this way, the toner particle concentration within the developer mixture is maintained substantially constant as toner particles are depleted therefrom during the formation of copies in the printing machine. Toner particles in chamber 80 of hopper 78 descend into entrance port 84 of auger 82. Auger 82 includes a tubular member 86 extending across the chamber of the developer housing. In this way, the toner particles are substantially uniformly discharged across the chamber of the developer housing. This facilitates the mixing of the toner particles with the denuded carrier granules. Tubular member 86 includes a plurality of substantially equally spaced apertures 88 therein. An elongated shaft 90 is disposed interiorly of tubular member 86. Shaft 90 has a plurality of sets of spirally wound protuberances or teeth 92 extending outwardly therefrom. Adjacent sets of protuberances 92 have a region interposed therebetween wherein a tooth is missing therefrom. Thus, there is a gap or space on shaft 90 having no teeth thereon. This gap, designated generally by the reference numeral 94, is positioned adjacent apertures 88 in tubular member 86. Preferably, each set of protuberances 92 is continuous and helically configured. Thus, adjacent said sets of protuberances 92 are spaced from one another by a gap