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Original Publication Date: 1983-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A sheet feeder 100, is disclosed in the figure that combines paddle wheel inertial separation and registration capabilities with the additional separating capability of friction retard. Paddle wheel 110 serves to advance the top sheet in stack 30 into the nip formed between second paddle wheel 120 and retard roller 130. The inertial separating capabilities of blades 11 1 that have high friction tips striking the top of stack 30 usually results in advancing one sheet at a time. The lead edge of the separated sheet is then caught between blades 121 of paddle wheel 120 and retard roll 130. The surface of retard roll or if desired pad 130 is covered with a friction material whose coefficient of friction is higher than paper to paper, but less than blade to paper. This resulting differential friction force in favor of paddle wheel blades thus continues to urge the sheet in a forward direction. When the lead edge reaches registration fingers 24, the alternate forward impulses from the two paddle wheels register and deskew the sheet against the fingers. When triggered by conventional means, the fingers are removed from the path of the sheet and registration rolls 23 and 27 drive the lead edge of the sheet forward for further processing.