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Original Publication Date: 1983-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An automatic document handling system 20 for recirculative precollation copying in reverse serial order of a set of simplex document sheets on a simplex and duplex copier 10 to provide precollated simplex or duplex (two-sided) copies with proper orientation of the document images on the outputted copy sheets 128 for copies made on preprinted, prepunched, or other special orientation restricted copy sheets, as well as for copies made on plain paper or other non-orientation sensitive copy sheets. The copier 10 has a special copy sheet supply 107 for said special orientation restricted copy sheets and a main copy sheet supply 106 restricted to conventional non-orientation sensitive copy sheets. Switching systems, e.g. 200, provide for selecting between the feeding of copy sheets from the main supply 106 or the special copy sheet supply 107 and for selecting between simplex or duplex copying, and connect with overall control system 100. The control system 100 causes the document handling system 20 to circulate the set of document sheets once before copying them, to count them and determine whether there are an odd or even number, only in response to both the first switching system 200 selection of the special copy sheet supply 107 rather than the main copy sheet supply 106 and the selection of duplex copying rather than simplex copying. The former selection is automatically removed after each copying run. If copies are made from the main tray 106 copying begins on the first circulation of the documents. Thus, this system improves the efficiency of systems such as that of 1J.S. Patents 4,330,197 and 4,278,344.