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Original Publication Date: 1985-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


In many e lectrostatographic reproducing apparatus, toner is resupplied to the developer housing by the removal of used empty toner cartridge and replacernent therewith with a new toner cartridge filled with toner. Frequently, the new toner cartridges have to remain idle for a long period of time and toner tends to bridge or block in the toner cartridge. The figures illustrate a device for remedying this situation. In Figure 1 the developer housing generally designated as 10 has a toner hopper 12 on top and at one end thereof. At the bottom of the hopper is a foam dispensing roll 14 and auger mechanism 16 for delivering toner to the developer housing 10. The toner hopper 12 is equipped with flanges for the insertion of a new toner bottle 18. Once the toner bottle 18 is inserted and in position the cover 20 may be withdrawn laterally thereby exposing the supply of toner and toner bottle to the toner hopper. A rotating agitator 24 is used as an antibridging device to agitate the toner in the toner cartridge. Figure 2 is a side view illustrating an appropriate shape with the rotating agitator having three openings 23 divided by four ribs 24. The agitator is designed to rotate in the direction of installation and removal and the drive member may be a friction drive so that the agitator will rotate out of the way of the cartridge upon installation or removal. The rotating agitator provides a positive method to prevent toner blockage in the cartridge.