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OPTICAL PEN MOUSE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000025430D
Original Publication Date: 1985-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


The mechanical cursor control device oi "mouse" has now been extensively used for several years in connection with personal computers and computer workstations as a means to move the visible cursor on the display screen of the computer. One example of such a successful mechanical mouse is disclosed in US. Patent 3,835,464, now certificate B1 3,835,464 issued November 20, 1984. More recently, the design of the optical mouse has come into prominence as a cursor control device. A principal advantage of the optical mouse is less moving parts providing for longer trouble-free use. One example of an optical mouse is in the article of Richard F.'Lyon entitled, "The Optical Mouse & An Architectural Methodology for Smart Digital Sensors", CMU Conference on VLSI Systems & Computations, October 19-21, 1981, pp. 1-19, published by Computer Science Press, Inc. and U.S. patent application Serial No. 457,805, filed January 13, 1983 and cited references therein. The optical mouse utilizes a light source and sensor array comprising a field of photodetectors supported in a housing. The housing is moved over a patterned surface comprising a plurality of contrasting features, e.g., light or dark dots on a respectively contrasting dark or light background. The pattern of features is focused on the sensor array of the mouse which provides positional information indicative of mouse housing movement and direction relative to the pattern. Details relating to circuitry and operation are disclosed in the above-mentioned article and patent application.