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Original Publication Date: 1985-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


The figures illustrate a magnetically activated gripper bar registration mechanism that may be used in the feeding and registration of copy sheets; for example, in electrostatographic imaging apparatus. In the figures, a photoreceptor belt 10 is transported around driven transport roll 12 in the direction of the arrows. A t the same time the gripper bar 14 is transported by sprocket drive 16 so that if it is gripping the lead edge of a copy sheet, the copy sheet could be transported through a toner image transfer zone while in contact with the photoreceptor belt. As the gripper bar is arcuately transported through the transfer zone, it passes a stationary magnet 18 which pulls and opens the spring loaded gripper bar 14 which is made of a magnetic material so that a sheet of paper 22 may be fed into the registration pins 20 inside the gripper bar. As the gripper bar rotates past the magnet, it loses contact with the stationary magnet and the gripper bar is released and by virtue of its spring action permitted to grip the paper firmly thereby transporting it through the transfer zone. This device has the advantage of eliminating the use of cams and other contact devices that can wear and are either less reliable or more expensive.