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FULL FRAME ILLUMINATION Disclosure Number: IPCOM000025508D
Original Publication Date: 1985-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Figures 1 and 2 show a top perspective and side view, respectively, of a full frame illumination device which can be used to illuminate a document placed on a platen surface. Figure 1 shows an imaging system comprising a platen/illuminator assembly 10 and a full frame lens array 12 comprising a plurality of lenslets 13. Assembly 10 includes a transparent glass platen 14 having phosphor dot pattern 16 formed on a transparent electrode layer 18. The lower part of the assembly comprises a second transparent glass platen 20 having a blocker dot pattern 22 formed on a second transparent electrode 23 aligned with the phosphor dot pattern. Plates 14 and 20 are connected by an enclosed chamber 24 filled with rare gas.