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Original Publication Date: 1986-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


In many configurations for electrostatographic printing apparatus an endless photoconductive belt is arranged to move in a predetermined path past a series of processing stations to form a toner image on a copy sheet. In such a system it is critical that the lateral alignment of the photoconductive belt be controlled within very narrow tolerances so that the processing stations are located precisely relative to the latent image recorded thereon One apparatus as illustrated in Figure 1 for controlling lateral movement of the belt from the predetermined path includes a rotatably mounted support and drive roller 10 comprising a plurality of spaced flexible discs 1 - 7 extending outwardly from the exterior surface of the roller with each of the discs having a plurality of slits 12 colinear with another disc to define a plurality of spaced longitudonal grooves which served to decouple segments 14 of each of the discs from one another so that at least one segment of each of the plurality of discs contacts the region of the belt passing thereover to provide support therefore and an edge guide 16 to prevent the belt from deviating laterally from the predetermined path to flex the portion of the segments of the discs providing support for the belt. The deflected portion of the discs returns to the undeflected condition when not supporting the belt and rn this manner the maximum force supplied to the belt never exceeds the minimum force required to buckle the belt. In addition, in such endless belt configurations it is necessary to provide a hole in the belt along one edge which can be sensed to provide location of the seam in the belt or accurate regstration of the belt bearing a toner image with the copy sheet that the toner image is to be transferred to With a hole in the belt any toner on the belt may pass through the hole to the drive roll wherein after continued use the toner acts like a lubricant between the photoconductive belt and the drive roll such that the belt may stall on the drive roll resulting in machine shutdown.