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Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


When inverting copy sheets that have variable beam strength, are curled or have small inter-copy gaps in a tri-roll inverter, jams will occur due to the dynamic inter-relationship of sheet one exiting and sheet two entering the inverter. Accordingly, a tri-roll inverter 10 is shown in Figures 1 and 2 for use in inverting 13# to 110# curled copy sheets having an inter-copy gap of 2" or less and is adapted to exit copy sheets at the same or greater velocity than entering copy sheets. The tri-rolls (13,16,18) of Figure 1 are mounted on two outer drive shafts 12 and 17 with center idler shaft 15 that services the two outer shafts that are driven at cornmodor different speeds. A fourth roll 20 mounted on the same shaft as the center roll of the tri-rolls has notches therein for timing purposes. The exiting shaft 17 is adapted to run at a velocity that will insure that the exiting copy sheet is out of the way of the entering copy sheet (e.g., 3.5 to 1 ratio). In addition, a baffle configuration 30 is included that permits two copy sheets to pass each other in opposing directions and provide a jam free paper control chamber. A normal force applicator 35 insures deskew of copy sheets during their exit from the inverter. Shaft 15 is preferably spring loaded by about 1.5 lbs.