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Original Publication Date: 1987-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An improved fade-out system for a copier with a document feeder, for preventing the undesired development of areas of the photosensitive imaging surface relative to the desired latent images of the document thereon, especially with a variable magnification optical imaging system, the improvement particularly in preventing "show around" copy defects from the document feeder, where the document feeder transports the document sheets in a document path onto and over the copying platen of the copier, an array of plural document sensors is positioned in the document feeder for measuring both the length and width of the document sheets being transported onto the copying platen of the copier, and the fade-out system connects with and is controlled by both the array of plural document sensors and the magnification setting of the optical imaging system for preventing development of any areas of the photosensitive imaging surface outside of the latent images of the documents irrespective of the size of the document sheets or the magnification setting. The disclosed document feeder is a part of a document handler with two separate document sheet inputs for either recirculating a stack of document sheets or semiautomatically feeding larger document sheets, and the array of sensors is adjacent the platen and in the document path from both of the document sheet inputs to the platen. The disclosed fade-out system provides automatically variable area flood illumination of the photosensitive imaging surface.