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Original Publication Date: 1988-Feb-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An electrophotographic printing machine frequently includes a finishing station. The finishing station must be capable of delivering stapled and unstapled sets to the operator, as well as adjusting for differing size copy sheets. Previously, both tasks have been accomplished by using two sets of motors, drive components, and frames. The number of components required to perform these tasks may be reduced in half by using the multifunctional, ratcheted device described herein. The device includes an inner wheel mounted on a drive shaft coupled to a motor. An outer ring is mounted concentrically about the inner wheel. The inner wheel has a plurality of teeth on the exterior circumferential surface thereof. The outer ring has a plurality of fingers extending inwardly from the interior surface thereof. As the inner wheel rotates in a clockwise direction, the teeth slide over the fingers on the interior surface of the outer ring and do not mesh therewith. In this way, the outer ring remains stationary as the inner wheel rotates in a clockwise direction. When the inner wheel rotates in a counter clockwise direction, the teeth thereon mesh with the fingers on the outer ring to rotate the outer ring in unison therewith. Thus, in one mode of operation, the outer ring and inner wheel rotate independently while, in another mode of operation, the outer ring and inner wheel rotate in unison.