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Original Publication Date: 1988-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A common machine architecture for copier and printing devices involves the use of units containing processing stations which may be removed from the main body of the copier or printer and replaced with new or different units. One of the processing stations typically contained within a replaceable unit is the photoreceptor or imaging member. A common configuration for the photoreceptor is that of a belt 10 which is driven around at least one drive roll 12 if not two and an idler roll. Since the photoreceptor of necessity must come into contact or proximity with the developer roll 14 which delivers toner particles to the surface of the photoreceptor ,the drive mechanism driving the photoreceptor belt may stall as a result of excessive contamination by toner in the drive mechanism. Typically, this is a result of air turbulence generated from the developer roll creating a toner cloud which may be drawn inside the photoreceptor and deposited on the drive roll in surrounding areas. The Figures illustrate a sealing mechanism which avoids this problem. In the Figures, Figure 1 is a side view, Figure 2 a top view and Figure 3 a front view of the sealing mechanism which seals off the majority of the air turbulence in the photoreceptor drive roll area by providing a contact sealing arrangement comprising both a foam seal 16 and a Mylar seal 18 inside and against the belt in the development zone to prevent toner from entering inside the belt module.