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Original Publication Date: 1989-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-05

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


In a toner feeder using an (Archimedian) screw auger fed with fresh toner under gravity, the bridging of the toner across its entrance port is prevented by positioning a resilient cantilever across the port. The cantilever has fins which project into the body of the superjacent toner, and the free end of the cantilever has a 'cam follower' intended to ride on the top of the helical rib of the screw so that as it rotates, the free end of the cantilever is flexed up and down. The resultant movement of the lever and its fins disturbs the toner sufficiently to demolish any toner 'bridges' soon after they form, to ensure a continuous flow of fresh toner related, as designed, to the rotary motion of the auger. In Figure 1 of the accompanying sketch there is shown a diagrammatic side elevation of the auger 2 adapted to be rotated in the direction shown by arrow 4. The auger is a loose fit in a toner tunnel 6 formed with a hopper 8 for fresh toner 10. The hopper forms a longitudinally extending entrance port through which the fresh toner passes to the interior of the tunnel. Positioned in the entrance port is acantilever 12 either integral with the material of which the tunnel 6 is made or secured to it. The cantilever 12 is formed in an upper surface as viewed with fins 14 projecting into the body of the fresh toner. The movable end of the cantilever is formed with a cam follower 16 designed to ride up and down on the helical rib 18 of the auger as it rotates.