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BOOK COPIER Disclosure Number: IPCOM000026075D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-05

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Figure 1 shows a book copying configuration which allows a book to be copied without being placed flat on top of a platen. In a conventional (non-book) copying mode, a document on platen 10 is scanned by a full rate, half rate mirror system 12 and a flowing image is projected by lens 14 onto the surface of photoreceptor drum 16 via mirror 18. In a book-copying mode, an elevated platen 20 is positioned above platen 10 with a book, positioned as shown. A full width scan system 22 comprises scan mirror 24, a linear gradient index lens array 26 and folding mirror 28. In operation, the scanning system 22 scans at the same rate as mirror 30 of scan system 12 presenting a 1X image of the book page onto platen 10.