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Original Publication Date: 1990-Aug-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-05

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A rack and pinion oscillator is used to enable a rotary input to drive a linear Cam. In the drawing, Figure 1 is a front view of the rack and pinion oscillator and Figure 2 is a crossection on the line II-11 in Figure 1. The oscillator comprises a combination input gear and pinion 1,2 both rotatably mounted on a fixed pin 3, the end of which engages in a continuous slot 4 in a housing 5. The pinion 2 engages a continuous rack 6 which is formed in a rack member 7 and which comprises upper and lower parallel tracks joined at each end by short side pieces. The rack member 7 is located within a rectangular opening 10 in the housing 5 so that it is movable in a transverse direction relative to the housing. The housing 5 itself is movable longitudinally, being guided by pins 8 located in longitudinal slots 9 in the housing. The profile of the housing 5 can be shaped to form a linear cam which is to be reciprocated.