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DIODE RELEASE MECHANISM Disclosure Number: IPCOM000026295D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-05

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


A diode release mechanism for use in electrophotographic printing and copying machines having binder stitcher stapler capabilities is disclosed. In the stitcher assembly, the diode is a major component for feeding wire to the stitch head assembly. Upon replacement of a wire staple spool, wire must be threaded by a spring loaded diode roll. Wire tends to stub on the diode roll making it difficult to thread. To facilitate the threading of wire, a diode release mechanism is employed to move the diode roll out of the way so that wire can be threaded past the diode roll without interference. As shown in the figures 1 and 2, the diode release mechanism is a lever type comprising a first bracket(2), a second bracket(31, a hinge pin(4), and two parallel engaging arms(5). The first bracket (2) is attached to the plastic lever arm via a cable housing (9) having metal ends that are threaded. The second bracket(3) is contained by the first bracket by a slot and tab arrangement. The first bracket also holds the pin(4) and engaging arms that connect to the diode roll. The mechanism may easily be engaged by pushing down on the second bracket(3) and locking it in place under the tab of the first bracket(2). When the mechanism is disengaged, the diode roll returns to the rest position preventing the passage of wire as shown in Figure 1. The mechanism may be easily engageadisengaged. When the mechanism is engaged, the diode roll is pushed down and out of the path of the wire allowing the wire to pass freely as shown in Figure 2.