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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000026331D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-05

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


Advanced electroreprographic systems make use of cathode ray tube (CRT) user interfaces, and as the features offered on these systems become more complex, it is occasionally appropriate to utilize color CRT's for the user interface displays. These user interfaces may also display the image of a document on the CRT to confirm the feature selections associated with processing of the document. For this reason, it is necessary to combine the color CRT feature display with a bitmap display of the document. Unfortunately, conventional shadow mask color CRT's often have somewhat poorer resolution that monochromatic CRT's because the color image is created by three different electron guns which address the respective color phosphors on the internal surface of the CRT screen. The three electron guns may not be accurately aimed at the appropriate phosphor dots over the entire screen area, thus resulting in color mis-registration which degrades the resolution of black and white images created by overlaying three color images. The severity of the mis-registration is dependent upon the accuracy of alignment of the color shadow masks during manufacture of the CRT. While it is possible to to remove the effects of the mis-registration by displaying the bitmap image in a monochromatic fashion, it is unacceptable from a user interface perspective to display a black and white document in the manner.