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Original Publication Date: 1991-Aug-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-05

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A lithographic master may be generated electronically by changing imagewise the ink wettability of a lithographic substrate with electric means. In one embodiment, the lithographic substrate of a base material is accepting (is wetted by) lithographic inks. A thin coating is deposited on the surface of the substrate, the coating having the characteristic of rejecting the inks, i.e. it is non-wettable by these inks. An example of the ink accepting substrate is aluminum sheet, web or drum of the kind used for lithographic application. Examples of ink rejecting coating are fluoropolymers, waxes, and others. Examples of the fluoropolymers are Fluorad 721, Fluorad 725, and FC-10, all marketed by 3M Company.