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Original Publication Date: 1992-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-05

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A continuous horizontal coating system for the manufacture of organic and alloy coated photoreceptors and related devices is disclosed. The system as shown in the figure is comprised of a rigid frame 1 housing various stations in succession where unit operations for material handling, vacuum and or spray deposition, substrate drying and loadhnload steps may be accomplished in a continuous fashion. A rigid or flexible cylindrical work piece 2 is conveyed into the coating system along a cylindrical guide 3 by a movable shuttle clamp 4 at the load point. A system of alternately supporting the part and the guide path functions in synchronization with the loading equipment. The guide path equipment design is dependent upon the chosen part transport system. A similar equipment set functions in reverse at an unload point station. The work piece may be transported along the guide path via a conventional linear motion systems. Opportunities for air film suspensionlrotationiaxial displacement exist, especially in processes not utilizing a vacuum environment. Magnetic levitation and transport is an ideal motion system for the process. A guide path lined with biased bristles, vibrated axially could be refined to produce the desired work piece motion. Advantages of the system include increased throughput, reduced cost of manufacture, and improved product quality.