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Original Publication Date: 1992-Aug-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-06

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


There are a number of products in the marketplace today which are based on the design principle of a main frame and a unit which has limited life which when inserted in the main frame forms a complete machine. The unit can take the form of a functional or operational unit or a supply of consumables. Typical of such machines are printers and copiers where a process unit having limited useful life such as a unit with a photoreceptor and a cleaning sump is inserted into the main body of a machine or a cartridge containing toner or ink. For a number of reasons it is desired that only approved replacement units or cartridges be used in a particular main frame and that if unapproved units are inserted into the main frame it is inoperative. One simple inexpensive way of achieving this is to attach a hologram like label, similar to those protecting credit cards, to the cartridge which is read by an optical sensor in the main frame when the unit or cartridge is inserted in position. If the hologram label is approved an indicator indicates the machine is ready for use. If the there is no hologram label detected or if it is not approved the machine is inoperative. If it is desired that the unit or cartridge not be used again in a main frame the hologram label on the unit or cartridge may be automatically removed or destroyed when it is removed from the main frame. For example, a metal blade can be positioned on the main frame either after the sensor or be engaged when removing the cartridge to score the hologram rendering it inoperable.