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Publication Date: 2004-Apr-06
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Letters and chevrons in flat panel illumination source signage are provided by organic light emitting diode (OLED)individual devices or an array of pixels.

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The present disclosure relates to the field of flat panel illuminating sources and more particularly OLED signage.


There is a variety of signage types that are available in a limited number of configurations, where the configuration is generally a function of the location where the sign is installed. Directional signs are perhaps the most common example, and emergency exit signs are a familiar example within the directional signage category. Emergency exit signs frequently contain direction arrows, known as “chevrons” in the trade. Signs are specified as being left or right directional. There is a high occurrence of error due to confusion as to whether the sign is specified from the observer’s point of view, or the exit’s viewpoint. In addition, design changes after part specification can reverse the needed direction. Regardless of source of error, there is a high return rate, which is costly to the distributor and manufacturer. In addition, incorrect signs cause delay in installation of the fixtures and occupancy of buildings. This problem would be solved by creating a sign that can be field configured to indicate any combination of left, right, and no direction. This goal is difficult to achieve with existing technology, at least in a manner that is attractive and suitable for use in mid-to-high quality commercial locations. Until a few years ago, this market was dominated by signs illuminated by incandescent lamps. The pattern on the sign (mainly the word “EXIT”) was formed either by edge lighting a light-pip...