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Document Controlled SELECT/CUT/COPY/PASTE Permissions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000026844D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-06
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Modifications to the CUT / COPY / PASTE operations of a Word Processor could preserve the author's intention by limiting the granularity of the CUT / COPY operation to quoted strings, sentences, paragraphs or larger document objects instead whatever was actually selected by the enduser.

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Document Controlled SELECT/CUT/COPY/PASTE Permissions

As far as SELECT / CUT / COPY / PASTE operations are concerned documents either support the operations or they do not. Endusers may choose whatever text they find in a source document and copy it over to a target document, taking it out of context, and losing the author's original meaning.

As an example, a document might contain the quote: The desire for money is the root of all evil.

An enduser could select the text: "Money is the root of all evil" and in doing so lose the author's original intention.

We suggest that there is another more controlled strategy where components of the document may have associated SELECT / CUT / COPY / PASTE permissions. Document tools could then provide granularity control, allowing the enduser to cut/copy text from the document in discrete blocks that maintain the semantic meaning of the text.

In other words, rather than allowing the enduser to cut/copy text down to the character level. The document would limit them down to the quote, sentence, paragraph, subsection, or section level so that copying the concluding statement of some closing paragraph would in reality copy the whole concluding statement or the closing paragraph or even the final subsection preserving the original authors intentions.

The document would carry CUT / COPY permissions within itself. A special document viewer would display the document and honor the CUT / COPY permissions for the document's individual...