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ADJUSTABLE DRIVE ROLL Disclosure Number: IPCOM000027045D
Original Publication Date: 1995-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-07

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A device is used for adjusting the skew on one side of a drive roll for advancing a sheet in a copier or printer. The periphery of one of a pair of drive rolls is made to be larger than the other. The different sizes of the two drive rolls can be accomplished by at least three methods. In the first method, one of the two rolls includes a first wedge shaped collar fixed to the shaft and a second wedge shaped collar that is adjustable axially along the shaft. The wedges of the first and second collar form a groove therebetween. A collet is located over grooves of the collars. As the second collar is moved toward the first collar the collet expands. An elastomer roll is fitted over the collet and likewise expands the periphery of the elastomer roll. The elastomer roll thereby has a periphery that may be adjusted to obtain the proper skew. In the second method, an o-