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Original Publication Date: 1995-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-07

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An ink jet printhead 1, as illustrated in the Figure, contains a plurality of channels 2 (three of which are illustrated in dotted outline) coupled to an ink manifold 3 containing ink. The channels 2 each terminate in a nozzle 4 at the front face of the printhead. Each nozzle typically ejects ink under the influence of a heater 5 located beneath the channel 2. The heater 5 heats the ink in the channel 2 and causes an ink bubble to form which upon collapse ejects ink from the nozzle 4. Ink, however, can contain air bubbles which tend to collect in regions of the printhead where ink velocity in the ink path is low. If the air bubbles get to a critical size, ejection of ink from the nozzles 4 is interfered with or completely prevented. This phenomena is know as "drop-out". One such area is at the corners 6 of the ink manifold.