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New Silicone Amine fluids and Emulsions thereof in Cosmetic and Detergent applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000027185D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-07

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Wacker developed new high viscous linear and branched Silicone Amine fluids with a viscosity range from 50,000 to 10 ,000,000 mm2/s and amine numbers from 0.05 to 0.5 meq/g. Wacker was also able to develop blends of this fluids and macro and micro emulsions out of these fluids with an active content from 10% to 60% either by diluting or emulsifying these fluids or by emulsion polymerization technology. These fluids , blends and emulsions can be used in different applications like personal care, home care, textile finishing, car polish, cosmetics, detergents, fabric softeners and others. In cosmetics these fluids and emulsions had specially tested in shampoos, conditioning shampoos, conditioners, after dye treatment and hair relaxer treatments and hair styling applications. Tests showed that these new fluids and emulsions give advantages in overall conditioning, like for example reduction of dry and wet combing forces, UV protection, color protection and hair feel and softness. In detergent and softeners use of these fluids and emulsions provides a better softness and feel as well as grip. The new products can be used in liquid and powder detergent applications to get benefits in above mentioned and also reduction of wrinkles and easy ironing. These effects can be found if the products are applied directly in the wash-cycle or in rinse cycle softener formulations. Beside these effects a lot of other properties like rinse cycle softening, textile finishing, polish (i.e. shoe and car polish), hydrophobization of leather or polymer modification (i.e. PU-modification) can be achieved by using these new developed product family.