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Original Publication Date: 1995-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-07

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


The Signature Booklet Maker (SBM) in U. S. Patent 5,272,511 is one example of a finishing device that can be used with a printing system to bind a plurality of sheets to one another along a central portion of each sheet. The SBM is comprised of three modules, a saddle stitcher, a folder, and a trimmer. The printer exports sheet arrival times and end-of-set signals to the SBM equipment so that the SBM can operate on-line with an image producing apparatus. The first module receives and aligns the copy sheets in a set (which set forms a single booklet) so that all sheets in the set are aligned with one another. The first module aligns each sheet by stopping the forward movement of the sheet (e.g., with a gate or sheet stop), and then laterally tapping each sheet against another sheet stop. Once all sheets in the set are received and are aligned, the first module stitches (or binds) the sheets of a set to each other at a central location (between each page image on a sheet). The stitching operation can comprise, for example, stapling. The stitcher of the SBM contains two skis which guide paper into the stitcher area. The skis are removable, and depending on the size of the stock being run, they are either taken out of the machine or moved to one of three bracket locations. Several difficulties are experienced with the equipment, for example, some operators have difficulty in removing and replacing the skis. Operators who do not have the technique down for flexing the plastic frame can spend up to five minutes removing and replacing them or may find it impossible to replace them. Too much bending could break the plastic frame. Also, when the skis are unnecessary for smaller size stock, one is required to remove the skis from the machine and store them. This leaves open the chance that the skis may be bent, lost or temporarily misplaced.