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Original Publication Date: 1995-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-07

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Disclosed is an adapter for use in combination with commercially available drum handling and dumping devices. The dumper includes a conical hopper which is inverted and placed over the open drum end and fastened thereto. The resulting assembly is reinverted thereby filling the conical hopper with contents from the drum. Material may be discharged from the assembly through a value means at the mouth of the conical hopper. A problem with the above drum dumper assembly is that the hopper generally cannot readily accommodate variations in the diameter of drums used. Material leakage and contamination are frequently a problem when non-standard size drums are used. To solve the leakage and contamination problem a portable adapter is provided which is latched over the lip of the drum. The adapter comprises a gasket to mate the drum lip and with the internal diameter of the conical hopper. The gasket is a durable, compliant material such as rubber or flexible foam, and readily conforms to the drum and hopper surfaces forming a leak tight seal against, for example, particulate material leakage. The gasket may be circumferentially expandable so as to be readily adapted to various drum sizes. Alternatively, the gasket may be constructed to fit a specific size range of drum diameter. Advantages of the adapter include: the gasket can be easily replaced, in situ, during drum changes, or during normal maintenance; the gasket provides an uninterrupted smooth seal surface with the drum and the hopper so that material flow is not impeded by the gasket; improved sealing provides cleaner, safer operation; a single hopper is readily adapted to different drum sizes; improved centering tolerance; reduced frequency of gasket replacement; and the adapter provides positive positioning and retention of drum contents, for example, bag liners are securely held in place. Drum dumper systems are commercially available, for example, Essex Corp.