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Original Publication Date: 1996-Feb-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-07

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Disclosed is a seal article for use in customer replaceable toner cartridges which effectively controls airborne toner contamination or leakage from the toner cartridge in the vicinity of a charge scorotron. The charge scorotron in certain models of xerographic copiers and printers can be an integral part of a customer replaceable unit or module which includes a photoreceptor, as found for example in, Xerox Model 5322 light lens copier. In such a copier, the charge scorotron grid is located on the outboard side of the photoreceptor customer replaceable module. During xerographic development, toner particles can be drawn upward from a developer housing via a waste toner auger cavity by a positive pressure air flow pattern. In the event toner leaks from the auger cavity, the charge scorotron may become contaminated and lead to, for example, horizontal background banding copy quality defects, in some instances after only about 20,000 impressions have been made. The leakage situation and concommitant copy quality defects are avoided by adding felt seals to the inboard top and bottom sections of the photoreceptor module. The felt seals are preferably adhesive backed for easy installation, and are, for example, about 100 to about 600 square centimeters in sealing surface area with a generally square or rectangular shape and a thickness of about 1.0 to about 5.0 millimeters. The seal dimensions surface area dimensions can be slightly altered, for example, with notches or holes so that the seals can be conveniently accommodated or further fastened in desired seal locations.