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Wireless Device-based "live" Silent Auction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000027469D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-08
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Currently, silent auctions require bidders to walk around and place their bids on a sheet of paper. This slows down the pace of the auction significantly, and requires people to leave the social setting in which the event is taking place in order to place a bid. Since many silent auctions are social events as well as auctions themselves, this can be a significant deterrent to those who wish to participate in the social event, but otherwise would have been more involved in the silent auction bidding process. The solution is to fit silent auction items with a wireless identifier which can be identified by a mobile device. A user of the mobile device can then monitor and bid on all of their items while not physically present at a given item.

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Wireless Device-based "live" Silent Auction

Auctioneers would fit each item for a silent auction with an individually identifiable wireless module. Auction-goers would carry a mobile device capable of identifying the items set out by the auctioneer. They would make a single physical pass by the silent auction items, "tagging" those items that they are interested in. They could then return to the social event, monitoring their items in real time, and placing new bids based upon that information.