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Original Publication Date: 1997-Aug-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-08

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Proposed is a mechanism that inverts a sheet of paper without the use of a bidirectional motor, eliminating the need to control inversion from the trailing edge. As shown in the accompanying figure, sheet 12 enters inverter mechanism 10 and travels to a decision gate 16. Gate 16 has memory provided by the actuation of a spring (not shown) connected thereto. After sheet 12 passes gate 16, the spring retracts to its original position and travels downward to contact a lead edge paper stop 22 that is spring loaded by a wrap spring 24. At this point, the lead edge of sheet 12 breaks a light beam emitted by an optical sensor 26 through aperture 28 to a reflector 30. The blocked light beam enables inverter nip solenoid 18 and energizes drive motor 20. Spring 24 returns to its normal position moving sheet 12 in an upward direction to the nip solenoid and motor 24 assembly where the sheet is pushed towards an inverter exit motor 32 and out of the inverter 10. Sensors 14 and 34, respectively, detect the entrance and exit of sheet 12.