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Original Publication Date: 1997-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-08

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Disclosed is a device to augment or enhance image transfer efficiency in xerographic printing and copying machines. Devices, such as acoustic transfer assist, are known to increase the transfer efficiency of xerographic images from a photoreceptor member to an image receiver member by, for example, vibrating the photoreceptor and the print substrate interface in the transfer zone. Acoustic assist devices typically use a series of piezoelectric crystals to drive a resonant horn at about 60 KHz against the back of the photoreceptor at the transfer zone. As an alternative to the aforementioned piezoelectric crystals, a repulsion transducer is disclosed as the electromechanical transducer element. The electromechanical transducer element and the device therefrom comprises a pair of parallel conductor members coupled with a compliant energy storing dielectric bonding material or matrix, such as a polymer or plastic, which device serves as a transducer for converting pulsed and or alternating current to vibrations at about one or two times the driving current frequency. The device can be modified to vibrate a xerographic transfer zone interface and enhance image transfer efficiency. The device may also be used to augment the performance of conventional acoustic assist transfer devices.