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Alcohol mixtures and their derivatives Disclosure Number: IPCOM000027642D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-08

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Linear, saturated fatty alcohols of the chain lengths C8 to C22 can be obtained from natural fats and oils by hydrolysis or methanolysis followed by hydrogenation of the resultant acids or methyl esters. Even longer-chained, linear saturated fatty alcohols C22 to C40 are present in natural waxes, e.g. in beeswax or also in lignite waxes. Petro-chemically linear, saturated fatty alcohols in the chain length range C6 to C20 can be obtained by the Ziegler process from aluminium, hydrogen and ethylene. In addition, by ethylene polymerisation and conversion of the obtained a-olefins, alcohols or also acids with chain lengths in the range C20 to C60 can be produced (Unilin alcohols and acids).