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Original Publication Date: 1998-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-08

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


For printers using a plurality of printheads to accomplish different printing functions; e.g. black only, color, gray scale, the printheads not in use and still wet with ink, must be capped. An efficient and low-cost method is to place the printhead to be stored in a storage station which includes a mechanism for both capping and blotting the printhead nozzle face. Storage of an auxtliary printhead in a hermetically closed plastic box includes a hermetically sealed outer container which also provides a zero-volume capping and blotter mechanism. The zero volume cap is a resilient pad which is covered with a capping tape. The capping mechanism can provide enough force to drive the tape into sealing compliance. A lever which closes the cap also will advance the tape -.25" so that a new, clean capping surface is provided with each capping. In addition, a blotter mechanism is provided to blot the printhead before capping. The motion of inserting the cartridge provides the blotting; the lever opening provides the capping tape advance, and lever closing provides the capping.