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Original Publication Date: 1998-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-08

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Thermal ink jet systems use stadstop paper advance systems. This type of system always has the potential of the paper not advancing as expected, a condition typically referred to as stall. To help the customer and the system identlfy stall conditions early in the print, a modification of the sensor and algorithm is possible. By using an already existing optical carriage sensor and positioning it such that the sensor is near the bottom of the print zone, the system can determine if the paper really advances. The sensor must have reasonable sensitivity to each of the colors being printed. The system monitors the sensor after each paper index; if the sensor sees any rising edges (parts of the previous image) then the system would know that the paper has not advanced. This is possible because the system would see the image printed on the previous pass. If no image is seen, then the paper is assumed not to be stalled. This system would not affect throughput because this process happens during the normal print process. Since all components are currently present, no additional costs are incurred.