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Original Publication Date: 1999-Aug-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-09

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A handheld device for use as an emergency stop switch is disclosed. The accompanying figure illustrates said device 2 comprised of a pendant 12 having an open recess 18 that holds a harness 10. Harness 10 encloses optical fiber bundles 26 and 28. Holding means 14 fasten end 16 of harness 10 in recess 18. A free end 20 of harness 10 connects optical fiber bundles 26 and 28 to machinery having means for emitting and sensing light (not shown). Light travels from the emitter through, for example, the length of bundle 26 to a polished end 22 and exits recess 18. In this state, device 2 functions like a Normally Open (NO) switch condition to shut down the machinery. By obstructing recess 18 with the tip of a finger, the light from bundle 26 reflects on to a polished end 24 and travels back the length of bundle 28 to the light sensor. Thus, in this state device 2 functions like a Normally Closed (NC) switch condition by completing a circuit that allows the machinery to remain activated.