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Rodalon addition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028005D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-19
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Example 1

         A lipase variant as described in WO 00/60063 was fermented as known in the art. The fermentation broth was centrifuged, and ultra filtered.

         0.1 % RODALON™ was added (as an 80% solution from stock source) to theultra filtered concentrate.

         The conductivity was changed by adding a calcium solution (35%) from a stock source in Test B, but not in Test A (control). The samples were mixed for app. 30 minutes and sampled for TVC (total viable count) and activity (= yield).


Test         Starting conductivity         Conductivity after CaCl2          TVC Yield

A         2.5 mS/cm                           >250,000

B         2.25 mS/cm                  8 mS/cm                 <10         100%

         No additional precipitations were observed in Test B compared to Test A (Control).

         It can be seen from the results above that TVC was reduced dramatically after the addition of calcium chloride.