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The processor of Roma-ji - Kana converter. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028024D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-20
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A program is disclosed that works as an intermediate process between Romaji-Kana conversion and Kana-Kanji conversion to improve the accuracy of conversion without dictionaries and additional function keys.

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The processor of Roma -ji - Kana converter.

"Romaji-Kana-Kanji conversion" is one of the typical methods for Japanese text input. In this method, a user types in alphanumeric characters (Romaji) for multiple segments and the characters are converted to Kana characters first, and then to Kanji characters. However, in case that the segments contain non-Japanese words, Romaji-to-Kana conversion tends to convert them into an incorrect string, and the user needs to correct them manually . This idea defines the following character set and procedure to select a potential non -Japanese word from the original input text, and improves the accuracy of conversion .

1. A set of particular characters. This set comprises specific characters which are likely to come sfter the non-Japanese word in the original Japanese sentence.

Here in after, this set is called "NJTS". (Non-Japanese-word-Trailer-Set) .

2. A procedure implemented as an intermediate process between Romaji-to-Kana conversion and Kana-to-Kanji conversion. This process restores the potential non-Japanese word to the original alphabets. Here in after the process is called "NJTS check".

This idea has the following advantages:

Applicable to not only "one-word-conversion" but also "multiple words conversion"




Does not require the user to perform additional operations.

Does not require the user to load dictionaries. This is useful for devices having limited