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Interactive Trace Analyser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028026D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-20
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Trace Analysis 'on-the-fly'

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Interactive Trace Analyser

Monitoring a large and complex program while it is running is difficult. System.out or printf can be a good way of monitoring what is happening for simple programs, but more complex software is usually coded to produce debug trace. This can help work out what is going on but this often contains so much information that simply viewing the bottom of the file using a tool like Tail is not helpful at all and can be difficult to follow. This of course assumes that the trace file is in readable text. It is easy to run the program to produce the trace and then use some analysis tools to make it look pretty but that can only be looked at after the program has run - what about if you are stepping line by line through some code and want to look at the trace as you step through? Too much information with tail leaves you with the option of re-opening the trace file into the analysis tool every few lines of code - which is just plain annoying.

    The possible solution is an interactive trace analyser. This tool would monitor the trace file and display the last x entries in it. On this face of it this sounds exactly like what the Tail tool does. However, before the entries are displayed they are filtered and tidied meaning that you cut out the things you do not want to display and format the information you want to see. The information displayed would be completely customisable and the display is updated automatically as the trace is generated or refres...