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Displaying of XML Statistics data using database and spread sheet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028065D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-22
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Spread sheets are a common way of displaying numerical data. Using WebSphere Business Integrator, XML data can be inserted into a database, and the facilities of the spread sheet can be used to display and process this data.

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Displaying of XML Statistics data using database and spread sheet

Products ( like a WebSphere* Business Integrator broker) can produce statistics data in XML. Traditionally you have to write your own programs or buy a vendor product to display this information. This tends to be expensive and not very flexible.

    WBI brokers produce statistics information in XML. WBI Brokers have a facilities for processing XML messages, and for performing database requests. By using these together we can write a node which takes the XML messages and inserts it into a database.

    We can then use facilities from spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel ** or Lotus123*** to display this data. This has the benefits or existing tools are used, and the selection and display processing is very simple and flexible.

    This means we and simply and easily display statistics in near real time. A PubSub subscription can be made to the broker to collect different statistics or accounting data. This sends the data to a user nominated queue. This queue can be set up to direct the output to a remote queue manage (for example running on Windows******). On this windows system we have a broker defined which has the following

Input node to read the statistics data

A node which parses the XML and does a DB2**** insert into the database, for as

many records are there are sections in the XML

    A spread sheet can use ODBC to access the DB2 database, and extract data using standard DB2 Queries. The spread sheet can be s...