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Real time estimation algorithm for solar power system

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028080D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-22
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Real time estimation algorithm for solar power system

    In solar systems it is desirable to display quantities like "energy per day" or "energy per week". As a consequence the solar installation needs to be equipped with a clock.

    A real-time clock has to be set "on time", either in the factory or in the field. In case this is done in the factory, the clock needs to be powered by a battery before installation in the field. In case the clock is set on time in the field, the clock needs to be equipped with e.g. buttons for presetting. In both cases a real time clock is an expensive solution.

    It has been found that the clock function can be implemented in a solar system in a much cheaper and simpler way as follows. In a solar power system the beginning and end of a day are detected by means of monitoring the amount of light striking the array of photovoltaic cells. From these data, midnight and midday can be calculated. By repetitive calculations and the comparison with former midnights 24 hours ago, the time of day can be determined with a reasonable accuracy. Thus a reasonably accurate clock can be realized.

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