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Notification system for emergency messages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028111D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-26
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Notification system for emergency messages

    In various countries, emergency messages can be transmitted along with a television signal. The messages are digitally encoded and transmitted in e.g. the vertical blanking interval of the television signal. The public can thus be alerted about an emergency situation while they are watching television. When an emergency message is received, the message pops up on the television screen. Alternatively or additionally, the television apparatus may include a light source such as a LED to notify the user. Such a light source is particularly useful when the television is in standby mode.

    Recently, the feature "ambient light" has been introduced in television receivers. Such receivers comprise a powerful illumination source at their back sides. The intensity and/or color of the ambient light can be remote controlled by the user, or automatically controlled by the receiver to adapt to the image contents.

    Advantageously, the ambient light source can also be used to notify the user about an emergency message. For example, the ambient light source may be controlled to flash when an emergency message is received, at least in the TV standby state.

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