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Snapshot of situation for car accidents by utilization of GPS/Handy technology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028171D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-30
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A method to determine the positions of cars in the neighborhood of an accident.

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Snapshot of situation for car accidents by utilization of GPS /

/Handy technology

Handy technology

1. Introduction

In the vicinity case of a car accident, there are often other cars who could provide valuable witness information.

    The proposed method allows to identify such cars that people hit cars say, in a parking slots and drive away without informing the owner (hit-and-run-drinving).

2. Problem Statement

  After a car accident happened the following questions need to be answered : which other cars were involved in the accident? what are the positions of the cars in the neighborhood of the accident car? which cars just pass the accident without giving help?

3. Solution

    The main idea is to make a "snapshot" of the position of all cars in the neighborhood of the accident car. This is done by an automatic device which has to be built into every car.

  If a car crashes or hits something, the following happens : The geographic position of the accident car is sent automatically to a trust center . A signal is sent out in the very near surrounding "that there is a crash". The devices of the other cars in the neighborhood of the accident car receive this signal and send now their own geographical position to a trust center or to the accident car.

    To promote the implementation of the device a discount could offered by insurance companies.

    Technically, the idea is to build a device into cars which know the geographical position of the car at all times and which send their p...