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Utilization of a Single Consolidated Supply/Allocation across Parallel Ordering Systems. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028202D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-03

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Based on a need to reduce expenses and move towards a client base that would facilitate continued development of WorldWide processes, the decision was made to consolidate fulfillment instances. However, there was a need to ensure uninterrupted service to the existing customer activity. The decision was made to continue processing existing backlog on the client to be obsoleted, with new activity processing occurring on the consolidation client. To support the environment, a method needed to be developed which would allow for use of Supply / Allocation information by both clients in a fair, sequential manner. Supply / Allocation information is generated in an external system which must be used in a sequential fashion by multiple systems. To accomplish this, the FIFO 'sequence' of the system needs to be established. As each client in the sequence utilizes the supply information, a calculation is made of the available allocation for the subsequent system(s). A file reflecting the available allocation is created and stored on a shared directory. The sending system then triggers the receiving system to read and process the available allocation file. Advantages. 1. Maintain customer satisfaction through the continued FIFO processing of customer orders. 2. Simplified interface to external Demand Planning systems by providing a single point of entry. 3. Ease of migration to the single instance. 4. Flexibility to continue to utilize the subordinate systems for handling the remaining processing as long as required. 5. Reduced cost of system consolidation and low development cost.