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Method to Combine Separate System's Supply Planning Information into a Single Consolidated view for Processing. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028203D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-03

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To support Fulfillment processes globally, multiple fulfillment systems needed to be run concurrently. To reduce expenses, a decision was made to consolidate fulfillment into a single instance. However, only new activity would be run through the consolidated instance; whereas, existing activity remained in the separate legacy systems. In order to support both a single instance with current data, and multiple instances with pre-existing data, a method had to be introduced that would allow for a consolidated view of the information for users and external systems. Supply Planning data is created in multiple scheduling systems which need to be consolidated for further processing. To accomplish this, there is a single master system which creates the consolidated file. The subordinate systems will process then push completed data to a shared directory. Once the data is passed to the shared directory, the subordinate systems record their completion status. The master system reads the completion status and pulls the data from the shared directory, then consolidates for extraction by external system. The data is supply planning information. It is used by external planning systems. It is also can be stored in Information Warehouses for reporting purposes. Advantages. 1. Reduced cost of system consolidation. 2. Reduced risk to revenue and customer impacts based on the need to only focus on a single point of data; the supply planning data. 3. Low development cost. 4. Flexibility to continue to utilize the subordinate systems for handling the remaining processing as long as required. 5. Ease of migration to the single instance. Only new data was entered in the single system.