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Television/radio information retrieval function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028214D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-03
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Disclosed is a way for consumers to have information about Television or Radio programs and advertisements sent to their email account using a receiver.

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Television/radio information retrieval function

While a consumer watches TV (Television) or listens to the radio, a commercial that they are interested in displays pertinent information ( toll-free number, website address, TV show airtime schedule, etc), however, the commercial may end before the consumer gets the chance to write down the contact information. The advertising company fails in getting the information out to the consumer, and the consumer gets annoyed because he has to wait for the commercial to air again in order to get the contact information. The consumer may also lose interest and does not wait for the commercial to air again. Therefore, consumers may not be capable of recording information from television or radio commercials in a timely manner. If a consumer wants more information regarding a commercial or TV program, the consumer will press a button on the remote control during the commercial or program and the information would be sent to the consumer's email account.

The consumer would program their email account address into the digital cable, radio, or satellite receiver. The digital receiver would connect to the consumer's ISP (Internet Service Provider) or GPS (Global Positioning System) and send the information to their email account. When the consumer views or listens to a commercial that they would want information about, the consumer would press the "request info" button on the remote control and a summary of the advertisement with...