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Multi-Portal Action Bar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028246D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-05
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In the web portal environment there is no mechanism to coordinate user actions, or options, based upon the portlets (or panels in a MDI environment) currently present on a portal page, the attributes represented by the data shown in the portlets and the authorized role of the logged on user. Users must today work each portlet as an independent entity. Actions cannot be determined by looking at the portlets presented. The actions and options shown to a user are presented by each individual portlet, without regard for the other portlets on the page. To find a particular action the user must first find the portlet that is surfacing that action to drive the action.

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Multi-Portal Action Bar

The Multi-Portal Action Bar allows the actions available for the portlets shown on a page to be presented to the user, filtered by the role (or roles) assigned to the user, in a single area. The Multi-Portal Action Bar (MPAB) is in a predictable place on the portal page. The actions shown on the MPAB are only those that are relevant to portals shown and the data/information shown in each portal. Actions from the MPAB can be driven to multiple portlets on the page, a single portlet or spawn a new portlet on the page.

Figure 1

The MPAB can present actions as buttons, drop-downs or other GUI controls. Figure 1 shows an example of the MPAB present at the top of a portal page. Data from the portlets contributing to the MPAB actions can be shared between portlets or passed as context to the portlet that is receiving the action. The portlet fulfilling the action can be an existing portlet on the page on a new portlet added to the page as a result of an action being driven from the MPAB

TThe Multi-Portal Action Bar will query the portlets shown on the page, on every page refresh, to determine what actions they would like to surface to the user. These could be actions specifically designed from the MPAB or simply actions that each portlet can perform. The MPAB will normalize the actions, eliminating duplicates and grouping actions into the appropriate controls. The controls could be buttons, drop-down lists, fly-over menus or others.


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