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Defining Task Orientation Using Location Dependent Preferences Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028247D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-05
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Location-dependent preferences can be used to tailor information that corresponds to specific user defined locations. Disclosed is a method to add additional task oriented preference information to location-dependent preferences which allow the delivery of customized content that is specifically correlated to a real-time task.

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Defining Task Orientation Using Location Dependent Preferences

Personalization in the internet arena is quite common. Several websites offer users the ability to personalize content delivered to them via the internet. In setting up personalization, a user will set up a profile that is based on various preference parameters. The user sets these preference parameters based on their specific interest. For instance a preference parameter could be music. The values of the parameter could be jazz, rock, country, rhythm and blues or classical. Depending on the users' interest, values for parameters are set and content that matches specific parameters is delivered to the user via an internet browser on a PC or possibly a pervasive device such as a PDA.

Assume that a mobile user has previously defined a set of location preferences (Loc1Prefs, Loc2Prefs, Loc3Prefs, etc.). For example, some locations could be Home, Office, Boston, NY, and Raleigh. Underneath these locations, task oriented preferences and temporal preferences are added as additional attributes to the location-dependent preferences. For instance, task oriented preference of location could be driving, telephone (indicating the task of talking on the phone), cell phone (indication the task of talking on a cell phone) or email (indicating the task of responding and composing email messages). In order to incorporate task orientation into location-dependent preferences, a tuple is defined that is based on location where Loc1Prefs(t...