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Business Model to identify process and tools customer requires making an IT System Management effective Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028252D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-06
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A business model to understand how the customer uses the Tivoli solutions agianst the best practices.

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Business Model to identify process and tools customer requires
making an IT System Management effective

Main Idea

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the application of the science of management to information technology (IT). This knowledge is captured in a library of more than 40 books that outline a process-based set of best practices for IT service management. The primary goal of the ITIL is to properly align technology services with business needs. The ITIL publication set can be characterized with the following diagram.

    ITIL is a process-based methodology used by IT departments to verify that they can deliver IT services to end users in a controlled and disciplined way.

    It incorporates a set of best practices that are applicable to all IT organizations, no matter what size or what technology is used. ITIL is used to create and deliver service management processes; these tasks are made easier by the use of service and system management tools such as those provided by Tivoli software from IBM. The following diagram details how the ITIL definition of IT service delivery aligns with business needs.

    The service management disciplines are grouped into two areas: service support and service delivery.

    * Service support focuses on day-to-day operations and support of IT services.

    * Service delivery looks at long-term planning and improvement of IT services.

    Originating in the UK during the late 1980s, ITIL is now used by companies across the world. While the UK, the Netherlands and Canada are the most aggressive in terms of ITIL adoption, usage is growing in other parts of the world. However, any company employing ITIL usually takes it seriously because of the considerable investment in training and management time required to develop and maintain the necessary processes. Because it can take a long time to implement ITIL disciplines, it is not uncommon to find only some of the practices in use initially. Both of these observations are not unique to ITIL-any successful practices implementation requires time and a management commitment. The considerations, plans and actions necessary to create the disciplines are described in two books published by the Office of Government Commerce in the UK. But ITIL is a library that covers many other aspects of operating and maintaining an IT environment such as system management, network management and security. The service management disciplines provide a framework so that IT and end users can define the levels of service performance required, based on what can be afforded. Customers typically implement these processes incrementally using a continuous process improvement strategy, because they value easy-to-install tools that are also scalable and upgradable.


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    ITIL is a best-practices-based framework, but it is not directly implementable. Customization needs to occur within the context of a specific environment. No formal standards body exists to test tools that can be used to support...