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Web-Client nls enabled Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028253D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-06
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Web-Client nls enabled There are locations in the world where it is important to communicate in their own language. Actually the web server are developed thinking the process to switch between languages should be manual.

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Web-Client nls enabled

The solution is to download an applet that shows on the workstation the language of the web server before connecting to the web server. The message is displayed in the language of the workstation and that could be achieved using the XPG/4 technology.

    The main advantage of this approach is to facilitate the understanding of the text inside the application on the web server. For example if you think to an application is in Japanese, it is difficult for a person who does not know the japans language to distinguish between Japanese and Chinese to request a translation.

    The value of this invention is increase if you think that every site could be located everywhere and the final user does not know where it is.

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    1. : translate the application on the web server. This process is manual

    2. web server where manually is asked to select the available translations. Also this process is manual